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2003-01-24 @ 01:55:49 Permalink Flying Pigs In Montréal
A flying pig in front of the IBM Maraton building in MontréalThere's a Time Warner Cable commercial by French FX company la maison on TV right now that has pigs flying through a city. The slogan is "What if everything you thought was impossible, wasn't?", I guess it's Time Warner's wave of the future pitch.

Who cares, right? Well, the city the pigs are flying over is Montréal. The commercial has some nice skyline shots.
2002-10-28 @ 01:56:53 Permalink Psychotic Squirrels
We had a woman who called about a psychotic squirrel that had been holding her hostage for 4½ days. Every time she tried to get out of the house, the squirrel would rush the door or her windows.

- Laura Simon, Urban Wildlife Director for the Fund for Animals
The News & Observer, Sunday, October 27th, page 4D
I think that says it all...
2002-09-16 @ 21:28:39 Permalink The Last Flower
I read The Last Flower by James Thurber (1894-1961) in my Econ class recently. The art is primitive, but the story has an important point to it. Something to reflect upon.
2002-07-21 @ 16:12:20 Permalink Uncle Sam Is Canadian!
Uncle Sam holding a Canadian flagIndeed he is!

This is some guy I met at the air show in Hampton Roads. Turns out his grand parents (or something like that) are Canadian.

So suffice it to say, Uncle Sam is CANADIAN!

Besides, the flag proves it, doesn't it?
2002-07-21 @ 16:00:15 Permalink It has a VOICE!!!
The site is now live!

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