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2005-04-30 @ 16:06:25 New releases: Photo Notes & Alarm Clock
Good thing this is not a blog or that would be a seriously sorry state of affairs. One post every two months, course for par I guess. Anyway, some actual news this time: two Java applications were released. Both of these were written to fulfill a need I had and have been released in case anyone has the same needs.

Photo Notes Logo2005-04-30: Photo Notes
Photo Notes is an image caption program. Basically all it does is allow you to save captions/notes for photos you take. Its main strength is that it doesn't lock you into a proprietary caption format or program. It's all stored in plain text so your captions will remain accessible for many years to come.

2005-03-13: Alarm Clock
The title for this one is pretty self-explanatory. It looks a lot like a real alarm clock, is fairly simple to use, can be run as both an application or an applet, and supports 12 hour and 24 hour formats.

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