The history of my Websites:

1997: Barry and M

Status: Offline

Back in 1997 a friend and I created a Website for fake personas we had on a local BBS. The Internet pretty much killed our interest in the BBS and the Website was eventually taken down.

1997: Geocities / Tripod

Fri, 12 Dec 1997 and

Status: Archived

I started a personal Website back in late 1997. The archive shows it as it was after I made some updates in 1999. I dropped the site after that and never finished it. Itís archived now, and itís nice to look back at how lame Websites looked once upon a time (not that theyíre improved much since!).

1999: La Guerre Froide
Wed, 25 Apr 2001
Sat, 9 Dec 2000
Now: Feb 2002

Status: Online

Back in 1999, I made a website about the Cold War for a Contemporary World History class in Sec. 5 (aka Grade 11). I started the project with a friend and I convinced him that we should upload it online as part of our presentation. More

The site started on XOOM, later acquired by NBCi, however NBCi was a huge failure and was shut down. I then moved the site over to Freedom2Surf, but their service was awful and I ponied up the dough for paid hosting at, where it is now. I also opened an account with Portland Communications (port5) to host some of the high bandwidth files and contemplated moving the site there from NBCi instead of F2S, but the server wasnít very responsive so I went with F2S after all.

2002: Port5 / Xibit

Sun, 21 Jul 2002
Now: Sun, 3 Aug 2003

Status: Online

Since I had the Port5 account, I decided to use it to experiment with some Web technologies; in particular PHP, MySQL, xHTML and CSS. I also used it to try out several visual designs. Actually, that is how this site started out. I needed some site to test my designs on, so I created this site. That site went live in July of 2002, and in August of 2003 I decided to experiment hosting my on site, so I brought a Pentium back to life and moved the site on to it, where it is now. Coincidentally that turned out to be a great idea, as in November Portland Communications decided to discontinue all PHP support (because of abuses to their network); needless to say that would have sucked if my site was still on it.