La Guerre Froide...

A screenshot of the main page of the Website

Back in 1999, I made a website about the Cold War for a Contemporary World History class in Sec. 5 (aka Grade 11).

A Hammer and Sicle

I started the project with a friend and I convinced him that we we should upload it online as part of our presentation. Needless to say, we got a smashing grade! :) Well of course, what else did you expect?

Since then I mostly maintain it on my own. The site looks nothing like it originally did; I put it through quite a few updates.

You can find it here. Of course it's only in French, hence the "La Guerre Froide."

Oh, and my friend insists that we translate it to English, which I agree would be neat. But neither of us have the time and the French crowd is already pushing my bandwidth limit on that site.