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2004-08-01 @ 13:00:56 iPod mini
Neon green iPod miniA bit late with the news I know, I know, but I won an iPod mini two weeks ago. On Saturday the 18th a package containing the iPod was magically delivered from the Computer Science Department at NC State. Seems I was one of four alumni to win an iPod's in a random drawing of June's survey participants. Cool stuff.

I never understood everyone's infatuation with this MP3 player but now that I have one I'm a believer too. I must admit it's quite sleek in it's neon green brushed aluminum case. And the touchpad scroll wheel is so hot!

I guess it's time to go spend some money on iTunes (don't you just love gifts that propel you to spend more money?). First the Sony digital camera, now this; it must be my lucky year!

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