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2004-04-04 @ 13:48:12 Thunderbird, DCS-P10 & pwnt
It's 04-04-04. That's only the fourth time that has happened since December 12th, 1912. Finally, a day where the YY/MM/DD, DD/MM/YY and MM/DD/YY people can agree on. For the record: YY/MM/DD is the right way to do it, DD/MM/YY is acceptable and MM/DD/YY is just dumb. Well, ideally it should be YYYY/MM/DD.

I made the switch to Mozilla Thunderbird from Outlook Express last week. I tried Thunderbird out quite some time ago but I wasn't all that satisfied with it. Nonetheless I made the switch because I need two computers to have access to my mail. Although I can do that with OE and Outlook, OE was very tempramental when I did that a few years ago with two XP users on the same machine and Outlook locks the .pst file when in use.

Thunderbird has some nice features such as separate folders for POP accounts. However, in only a few days of use I already have a lengthy wish list. If only the top 10 could be handled I think Thunderbird would be ready for gold release, hopefully sooner than later.

Picture of a Sony Cybershot DCS-P10, (c) CNET NetworksI didn't mention this last time, but I won a Sony Cybershot DCS-P10 5 megapixel digital camare at work on March 1st. It's a great little camera and I put it to good use during my Aspen ski trip (the online pictures that start with 101 were shot with it; the ones that start with 115 were shot with the Canon S45). It's nice and light and takes stunning pictures. It's a bit lacking on some features compared to the S45 but overall it's a great camera.

I came accross this today that I found pretty funny. During snow falls (what they call snow storms here) all the local channels list the school and business closings. To speed things up they let you submit your closings on their Web sites, but aparently as our local News 14 Carolina channel 14 shows they don't actually filter through the submissions. Some of them are hilarious, while others are hard to believe (e.g. "Windows 32 Exception Error" and "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"). News 14 got pwnt!

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