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2003-10-18 @ 18:49:20 Vector graph-an-puters
Computer with two monitorsI started drawing these images because I wanted to play around with vector graphics and gradients in Paint Shop Pro 7. The last time I had worked with such imaging techniques was back in the late '90s with Corel Draw 12 (with a brief Flash 4 stint in 2001).

I was somewhat disappointed thought. Gradient handling is sufficient, but the vector handling could have been done better. It's nowhere near the power and ease that Corel Draw had, but then again PSP is not really a vector graphics suit. Maybe I should try out PSP8.

Anyway, after I made all these drawings I felt compelled to put them to use so I made a new page describing my home network layout and details of the key computers I use. There's probably a lot I left out but oh well.

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