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You need Java to view this applet.

This program displays the SystemColor colors and variable names with your current OS settings. It can be used to determine the colors that the OS has assigned to the variables.

Screenshots are shown below for different operating systems so you can compare the colors, something to keep in mind when designing applications with SystemColor.

It can be run as an applet (shown to the right) or a standalone application.


Download the executable. 6 KB

Download the source. 6 KB

*** SystemColorTest is provided as is. Also, you are free to use, modify and distribute SystemColorTest as you see fit. Color tooltips are copyright Sun Microsystems, Inc. ***


Screenshot of Windows XP default theme Screenshot of Windows XP classic theme Screenshot of Windows XP high contrast
Windows XP default theme Windows XP classic theme Windows XP high contrast
Screenshot of SUSE Screenshot of Mac OS X
Linux (SUSE) Mac OS X