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Community Canvas allows you to draw by colouring in squares. As you draw your changes are saved for all to see. Also, as others make changes the changes will propagate to your canvas, even as you are still drawing! Go ahead, try it out with a friend.


Family-friendly zone: please think of the children!
Be mature, no obscene writing or drawing. Thank you.

The canvas has timed out because you have not made a change in 60 seconds. The canvas will no longer update with remote changes. To resume, please make a change to the canvas or click here.


  1. Click on a color in the palette below the canvas to choose the drawing color.
  2. Click on one or more canvas squares to change the color of the square.


I once saw a similar and much larger community canvas whose location I have since forgotten. Several months later I got to thinking how it was made. I had and idea of using AJAX, so I whipped this up using just that to see if it could be done. That, in a jiffy, explains why I made this.