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2003-08-11 @ 12:12:57 Atomic Clock
So I've been staring at these clocks since last Christmas' shopping season and finally bought one from Sam's Club yesterday. The clock adjusts itself; it just doesn't get any better than that. It has now joined the all time cool ranks with my VCR. With so many clocks and watches in my house it's nice to know that at least two of them will set themselves, and accurately too.

It even has indoor and outdoor temperature indicators, with a remote thermometer for outside (with vital Centigrade support of course). It actually works too. The outdoor temperature reading came on within a few seconds, but the time only started working sometime at night (I was pleasantly surprised when the time was set this morning). I guess that was to be expected since they claim the radio waves from Colorado travel better at night (something to do with the ionosphere, I vaguely recall that from high school physics). Anyway it works!

Another gadget... :)

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