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2005-03-14 @ 21:37:09 Airbus bets big on 747 knockoff
Some olds (not exactly new anymore): News & Observer got another letter to the editor on January 19th after they ran a story on the new Airbus A380 with this diagram.
Airbus bets big on 747 knockoff

Or so it seems from the comparison visual aid on the front page of today's business section. It is quite clear that the Airbus A380 visual is just a modified version of the Boeing 747 one, yet in reality the two look nothing alike. The A380 does not share the 747's pronounced nose, opting instead for a first floor cockpit and a large forehead.

For many in the Triangle this may be their first introduction to the A380 and you've just given them the impression that it is a close copy of the 747. Why would you mislead them in this way? A little research (a 30-second visit to Airbus' corporate web site at the very least) would have revealed your error.

Dominique Bischof

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