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2004-06-02 @ 13:17:25 LEGOs: The Return to My Youth
A construction LEGO guy in black overalls with a white hard hat and grey shovelTo say that LEGOs were my favourite toy would be an understatement.

I spent hours playing with them, but could you really blame me? What toy or game is possibly better than LEGOs? Not only could you create your own stories with them, but you could also create the environment in which they took place. If you can imagine it you can create it; much better than linear video games and G.I. Joe dolls (oops, action figures). Can it get any better?

I built a huge space city complete with a two-story police station and an elevated high-speed commuter and cargo train. It was in the basement play room for years then one morning in 1998 I decided that I was old enough and an hour later or so it was all packed up in boxes. I didn't take any pictures; man, that was stupid.

I since came to regret not taking pictures and vowed to rebuild it once I graduated. The time has come so I rebuilt it last week and took plenty of pictures. The space city is a shell of it's former self (some vehicles and small structures didn't survive the move, e.g. an ambulance, a transit station and a truck that could drive on the road and the rails) but all in all it's pretty close to what it was. I also took some pictures of complete sets that I still have.

I forgot how much fun playing with LEGOs really was. Best. Toy. Ever.

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