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2004-02-08 @ 22:41:30 The Travels of Me, Neutering My Cat and M@b
I found a cool website that lets you mark all the US counties you've been to and then maps them. I've collected the travels of me. I've covered most of the North East (except for Rhode Island), but when you look at just counties it looks sad. :)

I neutered my :CuteCat yesterday. I got the :Cue barcode reader back in 2000 when Radio Shack was giving them away. Digital:Convergence, the cat's manufacturer, has A :Cue barcodesince gone bust (after spyware claims and whatnot), so I found a new keyboard driver that decrypts the barcode input and dumps it as keyboard input. It works pretty good for the most part but it does make mistakes sometimes. Maybe I'll try one of the simple hardware fixes later on.

In mid-December I came across M@b, a neat comic strip from and set in Toronto. I've since followed the weekly issue. If you're in college, this one will make you smile:
M@b comic strip

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