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2004-01-04 @ 17:32:06 The $10,500 iPod
I was at Best Buy the other day and I walked by an iPod display. It seems that Apple boasts that their 40GB mp3 player can hold 10,000 songs. Their website goes on to claim that "that's four weeks of music — played continuously, 24/7 — or one new song a day for the next 27 years." Pretty cool.

Well, sort of. Assuming that the only legal way to acquire mp3s is either to purchase them online or to rip your CDs, that leaves you with $1 a song (99 cents at iTunes or roughly $15 for the average 15 track CD). Now when you add the 40GB iPod's $500 cost, that leaves you with a $10,500 iPod! 10,000 songs, sure, whatever.

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