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2003-11-22 @ 10:58:30 Sutton is Back!
Mark your calendars, Sutton is back from December 18 to the 21st! The countdown is on!

Sutton 2k3!United, the airline that showed the least promise (especially since half the links on its site are dead!), ended up having the most. AirCanada never had anything and I waited too long for Delta. However I get to fly to Chicago on my way back, that's kind of cool. And the Raleigh/Dulles-Chicago/Raleigh flights are in a British Aerospace 146, I've never flown on one of those; for that matter, I've never flown on a plane whose wings were above the fuselage (well, maybe with US Airways once, I don't recall).

I'll be leaving on the 17th and returning on the 23rd, so this will give me more time in Montréal to do stuff besides Sutton. I haven't made any plans yet though; must deal with loads of school work first (oh, and a football game versus Maryland today as well ;) ).

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