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2003-09-18 @ 21:21:12 Hurricane Isabel
My first hurricane! Apart from the excitement of experiencing a hurricane first hand, I must say Isabel was a dud in the Triangle. Stronger than usual winds is about all it had, it didn't even have strong downpours, just your average rain. All in all it was just stuff I had already seen on plenty of 'non-hurricane' days. Even the birds didn't think it was a big deal; they just kept eating as if nothing was up. Admittedly it was still fun to watch. I did keep track of it online and even made some short movies of the wind.

To its credit Isabel did manage to kill the power, but that seems to be pretty easy to do down here. I don't know, maybe I was just expecting too much from a hurricane this far inland; it would have been nice to see torrential rains and whatnot (so long as my trees don't fall on my house, of course).

Okay, so Isabel wasn't as tame as I make it sound, the windows constantly rattled and it messed up one of my trees, tehsuck!

On the up side this was the first time my APC battery backup was put to work. I love this thing now even more than when I bought it. First it help strong when the power cut off for a second ten times in two hours, and then when the power finally went it held up for just over 60 minutes, an entire hour! That was way more than the 15-20 minutes that I was realistically expecting. It kept the server and the Internet running till the very end. Too bad my laptop battery died last Thursday and now only holds 10 minutes of power. I had to put it in standby to have enough power to dial out for updates should the power stay out for long (which it no doubt did).

So what did I do? Well... School's out. Work's out. Power's out. Reading textbooks is so boring...

Oh, and I had diner at Hooters. Because it's Hooters you ask? No, because your friendly neighborhood restaurant was the only one open! The weatherperson yells "hurricane on the coast" and everyone in the state decides to give themselves a free holiday. :-/

Hurricane, uhmm, tropical storm Isabel, give Virginia a good time.

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