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2003-09-09 @ 13:17:50 Moved
Alright, I've finally finished moving everything that I wanted and added the bulk of the new features that I felt were most pressing. Some things are still missing, but they can wait.

A red circle and diagonal line over a picnic tableWhile I moved the site I also decided to give it a new facelift and figured why not make it valid table-free XHTML. That's right, everything you see if CSS driven! There are no tables except for the picKLE photo gallery which I only customized the looks and not the structure. If I'm bored someday I might XHTML it too. Most pages are valid, with the exception of a few where I felt the hassle wasn't worth it. The code was designed for IE and the site looks fairly similar in Netscape7/Mozilla, but I won't even try to get it to look good for Nutscrap4 (despite the fact that it's surprisingly still readable, do yourself a favor and upgrade!).

Death to tables [even if CSS is so much more complicated]!

At the same time I also signed up with for free to get so now you don't need my IP to view this site anymore. I might get a domain later on, but this'll do for now.

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